About PetCloud
We help our members build and keep memories of their best friends, while also strengthening our community and saving lives.
Over the course of your pet's life, keeping all of your memories together is a difficult task. We've created a simple and fun way to do just that! They are organized and always available. You can share them if you want, or just keep them private for your enjoyment.
PetCloud Foundation
At PetCloud, we love what we do. Our goal is to help as many homeless pets as we can (and have fun doing it)! Ten percent of every dollar we make goes to help your community. We use your ZIP code to find non-profit pet shelters in your local area. All of your donations will automatically be sent to that shelter.
Pet Bereavement
We know the loss of a pet is extremely painful. They are family members. PetCloud wants to help people who are going through this difficult experience. We can help with the grieving process after their death. Not only do we want to help you honor your pets in life, but we want to keep these memories for you after their journey across the rainbow bridge. We offer resources to help with grief, as we know many people around you may be apathetic to your painful loss.

This is your family. This is your community. We are PetCloud. You are not just a customer to us. You are a family member and part of this great community of pet owners, advocates, charities, non-profit workers and veterans from all over the world.